loves the Earth.


Sustainability Engagements

Rochelle is a sustainability expert, quantifier of environmental and social impact, and developer of financial products designed to improve the ESG (environmental, social, governance) performance of companies. The following are samples of this type of work.


General Electric (GE)

Rochelle's had the pleasure of working on multiple projects for GE ranging from a landscape assessment on the circular economy, conducting a benchmark to identify best practices and innovative strategies for lowering its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to developing a strategy for the future of life cycle assessment (LCA) for its Ecoassessment Center of Excellence.  


As the financial ecosystem evolves, the investment tool of green bonds is gaining traction. Rochelle led research and writing of a report reviewing twenty-one different types of “borderline” investment areas, supported with information from in-depth interviews with fourteen leading NGO representatives. The report was designed  to help inform the guidelines for TIAA’s Social Choice Bond portfolio.


Business Model Innovation for sustainability

Stemming from the publication Model Behavior II: Strategies to Rewire Business, Rochelle has facilitated workshops for corporations and nonprofits that introduce tools and tactics for stimulating business model shifts within large companies.

The workshops present the main concepts behind business model innovation and take participants through an interactive experience of testing several different business models to address organizational issues or externalities neglected in traditional business models.

Check out the Business Model Innovation database on Airtable Universe.



Dunkin' Brands and DD Green™

Looking to reduce their carbon footprint through its largest emitter source – franchised restaurants – Dunkin’ Brands took Rochelle on as an EDF Climate Corps Fellow to help develop and launch a new green construction program, DD Green™, for its Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants.

Rochelle refined a set of green construction guidelines to be applied to new restaurants. The DD Green™ program has been implemented in about 100 restaurants so far, with more on the way.



Nestlé has one of the leading stakeholder engagement practices, which is its series of global stakeholder convenings hosted by external experts. During these convenings stakeholders have a chance to engage in direct dialogue with Nestlé's senior executives and management. Rochelle has had the pleasure of supporting the convening hosted in Washington D.C in December 2015. 

Rochelle also led the design of a stakeholder database and visualization tool that would assist Nestlé USA prioritize engagement with over 700 relevant stakeholders. 


Becton Dickinson (BD)

BD is a major medical device and healthcare with a dedication to improving the health of communities. The company sought to understand their performance against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Rochelle led the design of a methodology for measuring BD's actions against the SDGs in order to use the goals  to prioritize the company's strategy, and ultimately, benchmark its performance over time. Rochelle also designed three graphical representations of the assessment to further provide a picture of the company’s performance against the SDGs. High-level results from this mapping can be seen on page 10 of BD's 2016 Sustainability Report.





Rochelle has worked on several projects for Fibria, a Brazilian pulp and paper company. These projects have included an engagement of Brazilian and global stakeholders on biotechnology, a landscape assessment of how companies integrate their risk and sustainability functions and, most recently, providing informational and strategic guidance to support Fibria in issuing its first green bond.  


Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

A leading environmental nonprofit, NRDC focuses its Health program on the nexus of public health and environmental conditions. Rochelle worked as a consultant who conducted in-depth research on inclusion of climate change considerations into state disaster plans (also known as SHMPs), especially given the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. 

Additional research and analysis included NY/NYC climate adaptation plans, public health effects from heat waves and the use of syndromic surveillance devices for gathering public health data.



Rochelle helped to support Mattel's efforts to increase the ambition of the company’s sustainability goals by providing insight into best practices by other peer and leading companies. She conducted a benchmark organized by six different categories, including social impact, operational footprint, and others. Results and recommendations helped inform the company's ongoing Citizenship initiatives.